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 Dewane & Charlyne

Aloha, e komo mai! Such a blessing it was that we ventured out to Waikoloa Village on Charlyne’s 40th birthday in January 2015 while we were staying in a vacation rental in Keauhou. The last time we really spoke to each other about our dreams and aspirations was during our Marriage Prep Retreat for Engaged Couples in 2010. We shared a dream of retiring in Hawaii in our Golden Years. We began dreaming more and more about our future and our daughters’ futures; how awesome it would be to take them to Hawaii every summer.

So, we began our realty website search for an affordable home in Waikoloa or neighboring areas. In March 2015, we found an inhabitable dwelling on the market owned by the bank. Dewane being a professed construction estimator and would-be contractor flew out to the Big Island to meet with our realtor, Linda Williams (who at the time thought we were crazy to even check out the house), and to see this property in real life. Dewane told Charlyne, “If we don’t do it now, then we never will.”

With that, Charlyne said, “We got time on our side to make it happen.” In a macadamia nutshell, our dream became a reality when we purchased our vacation home in July 2015, on the day of our 4-year Anniversary. With all that we have been through to get our vacation home to a comfortable and classy yet humble state, we are so proud of ourselves for being resilient, patient, and perseverant. This vacation home could not be possible if it wasn’t for God’s goodness all the time in our life. Therefore, to share in our lifelong dream, we invite you to come and enjoy your stay in our “Laule’a Ohana Hale” (peaceful family home) on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mahalo nui loa!

~Dewane & Charlyne Bradford, June 2017

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